What is Tiddly Link?

Tiddly Link allows users to add their own call-to-actions / messages to the links that they share. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

  • What are Tiddly Link call-to-actions (CTAs) / messages?
  • Tiddly Link enables content sharers to add custom CTAs / messages to the shortened links that they share. These CTAs / messages only appear within the custom generated pages accessible through the shortened link. They do not appear as part of the original content.
  • What are the benefits for content sharers?
  • Tiddly Link gives real incentive for sharing quality content online by giving content sharers the possibility to drive traffic to their own websites every time they share a link.
  • What are the benefits for publishers?
  • The result of giving content sharers such an incentive to share content online is an increase in traffic and exposure for the publishers of the content.
  • What about copyright?
  • Tiddly Link does not store or copy any part of the content whatsoever. The content is served directly from the publishers own site and the original, unaltered, web page is loaded through an iframe.
  • Does Tiddly Link affect a publisher’s analytics?
  • Web page analytics are not affected by Tiddly Link and can still be tracked by content publishers as ordinary web traffic.
  • Does Tiddly Link affect a publishers Ads?
  • No. As the original page is loaded directly through an iframe, every element of the page remains intact, including any Ads, which behave as normal.
  • Does Tiddly Link affect a publishers SEO?
  • No. A canonical link element is used to attribute all credit directly to the original web page.
  • Still have questions?
  • Please feel free to contact us at hello@tiddly.link

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The call-to-actions / messages displayed on the web pages accessed through Tiddly Link shortened URLs are created by users of Tiddly Link (content sharers) and therefore may or may not be associated or endorsed by the owner of the website / content embedded within the web page.

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